Two Colors Of Basel

Two Colors Of Basel Menanti sunset di kota Basel di bawah gerimis hujan angin cukup kencang dan iklim yang kian menurun menemani waktu itu. Toh walau gerimis tak kunjung henti tak mengganggu aktivitas saya. BACA JUGA Zoo Basel Somewhere In Schwyz Call My Name.. Lanjutkan membaca Two Colors Of Basel

Alpine Wildflowers

Alpine Wildflowers Nothing is as beautiful as hunting wild flowers on the Alpine mountain. Different from the forest flower that i saw, this time the color purple dominated the willow from dark purple to light purple. I also saw some flowers contract and cover their petals when night fell. Is this really happening or is there another reason? I have no clue either. BACA JUGA … Lanjutkan membaca Alpine Wildflowers