#49 Call My Name..

Call My Name..

I admit that I am only a small part of the group of all groups of my kind. But my family and relatives are various. I’m shy and many say I also a bit cheeky and wild … yes, maybe that’s why I like to live in the mountains and in the wilderness.

I feel small when compared to rose, lily, jasmine and other beautiful names that stand elegantly.

And frankly, I also like her style, which is so beautiful, cheeky and spoiled that it grows a lot in many gardens.

My smell can also tickle those who are sensitive to me. and I am not as fragrant as rose, lily, jasmine and other beautiful names that you often mention.

I grew up thousands of times and years in many farms and fields on earth. Sometimes I even grow in uninhabited gardens. But the days changed and many years passed and I was forgotten.

BACA JUGA Flower In Lake – Morges, Suisse Nature Reserve – Vallorbe, Switzerland Pelangi Di Neuchâtel – Switzerland

But it is not your fault either, because I only grow in the wild.. without fresh air, I will easily wither and get tired. You know the sun is my energy.

I don’t expect you to like and always remember me … but I will be very happy if we meet anyhow, you’ll call my name.😊


Alpine garden collection at Schynige Platte – Interlaken.


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