#43 Vallorbe – Nature Reserve Switzerland

Vallorbe – Nature Reserve Switzerland

Driving for two hours, it felt a little sore because we not taken a highway. We deliberately wanted to see villages and plantations so we had to go through hills and sometimes a small road near forest, which is actually a private road for locals.

In Vallorbe, after parking we follow the entrance to the edge of the forest with the goal to the cave hole “Grotte” incredible adventure and the most beautiful cave i have ever visited. Next, photo is uploaded.

Cool scenery in a wooden house.
Clear river water from the cave hole.
The bridge to the friendly shade forest. Protected area.

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    1. Hi Nuno Franca.
      This is just the outside of the forest, yes it is very green and there are many interesting parts to photograph. Also clear river water. Thanks for the comment. Have a nice weekend, too 😊😎

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